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Useful Information

How to Adopt
Information on how to adopt, including who you can adopt and a step-by-step guide to the adoption procedure


How to Foster
Information how to foster, including who you can foster and what the different types of fostering are


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Adoption team contacts

For enquires - if you are an improved adoptive parent, or if you are not approved but live in the Midlands area - please call on the Derby City Adoption Team on 01332 717785, email them at or visit their website at


If you would like to contact the Nottinghamshire Adoption Team, please visit their site at or call 0845 301 2288.

Useful Contacts
Adoption-net can no longer field enquiries. Please use the following external websites for the relevant information.


BAAF (British Association for Adoption and Fostering)

BAAF is the leading UK charity working for children separated from their birth families, and all those concerned with adoption, fostering and child care.


Fostering Network
The national watchdog for standards in foster care. Also provides advice, information and training on issues relating to young people and foster care.


National Organisation for the Counselling of Adoptees and Parents. Offers support, counselling and intermediary service for tracing relatives.


Department for Education and Skills' Adoption website

This site is intended for anyone involved or interested in adoption and relates to adoption in England. The laws governing adoption in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are very similar so this site will help you too if you are thinking of adopting in those countries.


Department for Education and Skills' Intercountry Adoption website

This site is intended for use by anyone involved or interested in intercountry adoption. The adoption laws in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are very similar so this site may be of use to anyone living in those countries who wants to adopt a child from abroad.


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